Guide to Selecting your Hockey Stick


Choosing the Right Hockey Stick

Before selecting your hockey stick, please consider which hand you have at the top and bottom of the stick. If your lower hand is the left one, choose the "Left" option; if the lower hand is the right one, choose the "Right" option.

Choosing the Right Length

When it comes to choosing the correct stick length, your height is a crucial factor. A simple rule of thumb is that your stick should reach about nose height without skates and chin height with skates.

Adjusting the Length (Shortening)

You will need: scissors or a utility knife, marker or felt-tip pen, saw, and stick tape.

Step 1: Mark the spot where you want to shorten the stick with a colorful felt-tip pen or a cool marker. If you are unsure about the ideal length, read the information above.

Tip: If you are shortening your stick for the first time, cut a bit less initially in case you change your mind later. You can always trim more later.

Step 2: Lay the stick flat on a table or workbench. In this case, the end of the shaft must be free in the air while you work.

Tip: Before you start with Step 3, wrap your stick with tape at the point where you want to shorten it.

Step 3: With the stick stable on the table or bench, use a metal saw to cut the shaft at the marked/taped location (see Step 2). Ensure that you cut as straight and perpendicular as possible. This is best achieved by making short, powerful movements and sawing only from front to back.

Choosing the Right Flex

Selecting the right flex, the stick's stiffness, is crucial and should be tailored to your individual playing style, age, and weight.

In general, consider the following:

Sticks lose stiffness over time, regardless of their initial flex. When you shorten a stick, the flex increases. Therefore, it is advisable not to adapt an adult stick to younger players but to choose special models for their age group.

Comparison table of our models / Flex and player height as well as weight

Model Flex Age Height Weight
Featherlight 25 25 5-9 years 0.90 - 1.15 m 15-35 kg
Featherlight 35 35 7-11 years 1.10 - 1.35 m 25-45 kg
Featherlight 70 70 14+ years 1.55 m+ 60-90 kg
Featherlight 75 75 14+ years 1.55 m+ 60-100 kg