May 2024

Now shipping to Czech Republic and Slovakia

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Ahoj!  We're pleased to announce that, in response to numerous requests and social media inquiries, we're expanding our shipping services to our friends in the Czech Republic and Slovakia! This expansion comes at an exciting time as it perfectly aligns with the IIHF 2024 Ice Hockey World Championship being held in the Czech Republic (Prague and Ostrava).

Additionally, we're excited to announce that you'll have the opportunity to test out our Featherlight sticks in Prague during the IIHF 2024 World Championship! Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon. At Good Wood Hockey, we're committed to delivering top-quality, sustainable hockey sticks to players across Europe. Handcrafted right in the heart of the Czech Republic, our sticks benefit from local production, resulting in very low shipping costs within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Models the world's lightest wood ice hockey sticks for Youth, Intermediate and Senior Players with Flex from 25 to 75 and Grip (optional). Our eco-friendly production process utilizes locally sourced and bio based materials, all carefully selected from Europe and handcrafted within the Czech Reupublic.

Pricing highly competitive priced against other alternatices in the market.
Czech Republic: from 925 CZK (youth models) to 1'625 CZK senior model
Slovakia: from 35 ERU (youth models) to 65 EUR senior models 

Shipping Conditions to Czech Repbulic 150 CZK, free shipping over 3'500 CZK; to Slovakia 5 EUR, free shipping over 150 EUR.

Handcrafted twigs for Kids, Intermediate, Power Ladies, and Senior Players:

czsk (5).png__PID:db5ad57d-c30d-488a-8584-157421eecd8b

 Kids: we are delighted to offer our Youth models with Flex 25 and Flex 35, weighing over 30% less than average wood sticks and, for some models, the same as carbon composite sticks. These sticks are suitable for kids under 9 years old and perfectly fit their hands (thanks to narrow shafts), helping them develop a great feeling for the puck with shorter blades.
At Good Wood Hockey, we're not just passionate about crafting exceptional hockey sticks; we're committed to making the sport accessible to everyone. That's why we're thrilled to offer our ultralight and Flex 25/35 youth models at incredibly competitive prices. Pricing is also highly competitive - it's incredibly challenging to find youth models with the same features (ultralight and Flex 25 / 35) in this price range. This makes hockey more affordable for kids and families once again.

Intermediate and Power Ladies: Our Featherlight 55 offers a Flex 55 and weighs just over 400 grams. The slightly narrower shaft compared to senior models makes it ideal for slightly smaller hands. The low flex and less rigid nature of wood, combined with the shaft construction, provide ease and reduce impact on the hands and wrists.

Seniors: The Featherlight 75 is likely one of the world's lightest wooden ice hockey sticks for adults. The ultra-light wooden core, combined with the shaft construction, results in a flex of 75 (a feature not previously offered in wooden ice hockey sticks). This model offers excellent stickhandling and passing/receiving properties, providing the natural feel of wood. Suitable for amateur players and Pond hockey enthusiasts.

ModelCzech RepublicSlovakia
Featherlight 25925 CZK35 EUR
Featherlight 351'125 CZK45 EUR
Featherlight 551'425 CZK55 EUR
Featherlight 751'625 CZK65 EUR

Shipping Conditions

Shipping Location: all orders will be shipped from within the EU (Czech Republic)
Shipping Time: please note that it may take up to 14 days for us to process and ship out your order.
Shipping Costs: to Czech Repbulic 150 CZK, free shipping over 3'500 CZK; to Slovakia 5 EUR, free shipping over 150 EUR.

Our commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with the values of the Czech and Slovak people. Both countries have a deep appreciation for nature and a rich wood-based hockey heritage. Our eco-friendly hockey sticks not only perform exceptionally well on the ice but also contribute to the preservation of our planet's resources.

As we expand our presence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we look forward to building strong connections with the local hockey communities. We invite players of all ages and skill levels to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future for the sport we love.Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the game of hockey to its fullest.