Intermediate / Power Ladies

Featherlight 35 Featherlight 25


Ultralight sticks for Kids

As light as Carbon Composite sticks. Rounded and hinner shaft as well as shorter blade designed for kids. Suitable for kids below 9.

Flex 25 Flex 35
Featherlight 55

Intermediate / Power Ladies (145 cm / 57'')

Ultralight sticks for Intermediate Players

Significantly lighter than most wooden hockey sticks, our shafts feature a rounded and narrow design with a flex of 55 tailored for intermediate players and power ladies.

Flex 55
Featherlight 75

Senior (155 cm / 61'') / (170 cm / 67'')

Ultralight sticks for senior players

Considerably lighter than traditional wooden hockey sticks, boasting a distinctive 75 flex and providing a natural wood feel. Offers exceptional stickhandling and passing capabilities.

Flex 75