Ice Rinks & Events

Ice Rinks - Switzerland only

You can try out (rent) our ice hockey sticks at the following ice rinks:

Location Ice Rink Starting Web
Bülach Sportzentrum Hirslen 07. October 23 Link
Düdingen Regio Eisbahn Sense-See 11. November 23 Link
Uetikon am See Eispark Uetikon 17. December 23 Link
Avers-Juppa Natureisfeld Avers-Juppa 04. January 24 Link

PS: Contact us at if you want to rent our sticks at your ice rink as well.

Events - Europe

At the following events, you can test our ice hockey sticks:

Czech Republic:

 Location Organizer Date Web
Prague Green Hockey 13. May to 19. May 24 Link



 Location Organizer Date Web
Helsinki Save Pond Hockey 10. February 24 Link
Tampere Save Pond Hockey 09. March 24 Link



 Location Organizer Date Web
Tegernsee Save Pond Hockey 10. February 24 Link


About Save Pond Hockey 

Save Pond Hockey co-organizes Save Pond Hockey Tournaments around the world and donates profits to climate projects. So far, SPH organized over 30 tournaments and donated over €100,000 to climate action. Over 5000 players have joined their tournaments, including Stanley Cup champions, Olympic medalists, and the President of Finland.