Handcrafted in Czech Republic.
Designed in Switzerland.

Featherlight 35

The Featherlight 35 is likely the world's lightest wooden ice hockey stick for youth players (under 9 years) with a weight of 305 grams - making it approximately 1/3 lighter than traditional wooden sticks and equal to or even lighter than comparable composite ice hockey sticks. The shaft is designed for kids' hands, and the shorter blade enhances puck control, aiding in developing a sense of feel for the puck.

Flex 35

Featherlight 75

The Featherlight 75 is among the world's lightest wooden ice hockey sticks for seniors, featuring a unique flex of 75. With excellent stickhandling properties and a natural wood feel, the stick offers a rounded shaft for comfortable grip options. Reinforced with a double beech wood veneer, it ensures increased stability and durability, especially for powerful shots. Extended length option available (170 cm / 67").

Flex 75

We're bringing the wooden hockey stick back into the game!

Traditionally, wooden sticks had two big issues: they were heavy and lacked meaningful Flex. But with an ultra-light wooden core, we've turned things around. We've kept that natural wood feel and even improved the shaft geometry for a better experience.


Compared to conventional wooden ice hockey sticks, we've slashed the weight by nearly a third, reaching below 500 grams for adult models and under 300 grams for kids' models. In the case of children's models (Featherlight 25 / Featherlight 35), our products are on par or, in some cases, even lighter than average composite models. Our Featherlight series stands out as arguably the world's lightest wooden ice hockey sticks.

Handcrafted with Passion

Each of our sticks is handcrafted with passion by a third-generation family-run business in the Czech Republic. The development, testing, design, and sourcing of the ultra-light wood are carried out in Switzerland by Good Wood Hockey.

Eco Friendly

Trees absorb solar energy and CO2 during their growth thanks to a process called photosynthesis. Part of that CO2 is stored within the wood for its entire life and the life of its components. Replacing carbon fibre composites with bio based alternatives (such as wood), reduces the CO2 footprint. We exclusively use wood from trees planted within the EU for our sticks. Additionally, our ultra-light wooden core is sourced from sustainably managed agroforestry from trees that absorb 10 times more CO2 than any other specie.