General Information

Good Wood Hockey has crafted a sustainable hockey stick that combines an ultra-lightweight design, optimal flex, and enhanced grip, offering a level of enjoyment unparalleled by traditional wooden sticks. Our mission is to provide top-quality hockey sticks made from renewable materials, all while making them more affordable compared to composite alternatives.

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Product Guide

Which of your hands grabs the upper part, and which hand holds the lower part of the hockey stick? If your lower hand is the left one, choose the "Left" option; if the lower hand is the right one, choose the "Right" option.

One of the most important aspects in choosing the length of the hockey stick is the size of the player. The general rule is that the stick, when leaning on the blade without skates, should reach just below the nose, and with skates, it should go up to the chin. You can find more information in the "Guidance" section.

You can easily shorten our hockey sticks by using scissors or a utility knife, a marker or felt-tip pen, a saw, and hockey tape. Find more information under "Advice."

Yes, if our senior models with 155 cm length are too short for you, no problem. We can also produce models with 170 cm for you.

Yes, we also offer shorter hockey sticks for youth models. If you have specific length requirements, please contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

We determined the flex rating of our sticks based on the results of the flex tests conducted at ETH Zurich. (Reports can be requested at Flex (Number of pounds to bend the stick 1 inch (2.54 cm)):

Featherlight 25: 23.51 Featherlight 35: 34.00 Featherlight 70: 71.30 Featherlight 75: 74.60

Please note the following:

i) the rating may vary slightly in a natural product like wood (especially due to moisture) ii) if the length of the stick is shortened, the flex increases accordingly iii) in general, over extended use, especially wooden sticks tend to become softer.

Featherlight 70/75: GW 92 (Bauer P92; CCM P29; Warrior: W03)

Featherlight 25/35 : GW 92y (shorter blade for kids)

(Bauer P92; CCM P29; Warrior: W03)

Erfahre hier mehr: Blade Chart.

On request we can provide different curves.

Most hockey sticks are available with two different surfaces: grip or non-grip, and at Good Wood, we are likely the only ones offering wooden hockey sticks with grip. The purpose of adding a grip surface to the shaft is to optimize a player's control over the stick with their lower hand. With a non-grip surface, your hands slide effortlessly over the shaft. However, the drawback of lacking grip is that with an insufficiently firm hold during the shot, your hand may slip, reducing the generated shot power.

Hybrid wooden sticks are sticks that are not made purely (not 100%) from wood. For reinforcement, we use glass laminate on the sides of our sticks. Additionally, parts of our blade are not made from wood (laminates, plastic insert).

Our shafts can be made biodegradable with some effort, after removing the glass laminate (on the sides). The blade is not biodegradable yet. We are working on biobased alternatives and exploring possibilities for reusability. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Our sticks are handcrafted in the Czech Republic by a third-generation family-run business. The development, testing, design, and sourcing of ultra-light wood take place in Switzerland by Good Wood Sports GmbH. Quality control for the sticks is also conducted in Switzerland to ensure they meet our sustainability standards. From Switzerland, the products are marketed and distributed throughout Europe.

Order, Shipping, and Payment Information

We cannot modify or cancel your order after the checkout process is complete. However, you can return the products for a full refund from most countries we deliver to. To return products, please read our return policy.

This can take up to a week, depending on availability. You will receive an email from us if it takes longer.

We use plastic-free and recyclable packaging materials. Additionally, we offer carbon-neutral delivery options to our online customers.

All payments made on the Good Wood Hockey website are encrypted using secure technology, and your card details are neither stored nor visible to Good Wood staff.

Good Wood accepts TWINT, a variety of payment cards (including Apple Pay and Google Pay), PayPal, and bank transfer. Your payment options will be clearly displayed during the checkout process. You will be charged once you have placed your order.

All checkout prices for Switzerland (CHF) and Liechtenstein (CHF) include VAT, customs, and brokerage fees; no additional fees will be incurred.

Information on Returns and Exchanges

We understand that returns or exchanges are inevitable when shopping online. We offer a full refund, but shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Please note that due to their length, sticks are typically classified as "bulky goods."

In your package, you will find information about the return process. If any issues arise during this process, please contact our customer service team at

Please ensure that the products you want to return are unused and in their original condition. If you are claiming a quality issue with your product, please send us pictures (

You can use our original packaging for the shipment. Please refer to our terms and conditions in any case.

We strive to process your refund within a few days of receiving the return shipment. However, our policy aims to complete the process no later than the 30th day after receiving your return.