Featherlight 25/35

Ultralight hockey sticks with Flex 25 (110 cm) / Flex 35 (117 cm), extra narrow shaft, and a shorter blade. Designed for kids up to 9 years old. Lighter or as lightweight as comparable composite sticks.

Flex 25

Featherlight 55

For intermediate players and power ladies, weighing just under 400 grams. The shaft is slightly narrower and rounder compared to senior models, making it ideal for slightly smaller hands. Length: 145 cm (57'').

Flex 55

Featherlight 75

The world's lightest wooden ice hockey sticks for adults. The ultra-light wooden core, combined with the shaft construction, results in a flex of 75.Reinforced with a double beech wood veneer for increased stability.Length: 155 cm (61'').

Flex 75

Intermediate / Power Ladies