Hello, I'm Stacky, the first super lightweight end plug for youth hockey sticks that offers adjustability for three different lengths, all without the need for a heat gun or glue. Anyone can insert me in less than 30 seconds. What's more, I'm tailered to your model. This allows you to use your kids' hockey stick for multiple seasons - saving you easily 300 EUR/CHF and doing something good for our planet! And of course, I'm 100% made of European grown wood.

Co-creation opportunity - help us perfect Stacky - it's worth it!

Shaft dimensions vary depending on the manufacturer and model series. We strive to tailor our Stacky to fit your Bauer, CCM, Warrior, True, or any other brand model as best as possible. We need your inputs here. Please share the shaft measurements with us using the form below (inner dimensions, here's a brief guide). The first 22 responses will receive a free Stacky fit for their stick - valid until May 01, 2024. All co-creation campaign participants will also receive a 22% discount on stick end plugs for their first order.