Revolutionizing Wooden Hockey Sticks: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

After over two decades without significant advancements in wooden hockey sticks, we have completely reimagined and advanced the traditional wooden stick. In doing so, we incorporated the experiences of industry veterans, producers, coaches, professionals, and amateur hockey enthusiasts.

Until now, wooden sticks faced two significant disadvantages: they were very heavy and had limited flex. By utilizing our ultra-light wooden core, we were able to change this while preserving the natural feel of wood. Additionally, we optimized the geometry of the shafts and added a customizable grip.

Each of our sticks is handcrafted by a third-generation family-run business in the Czech Republic. The development, testing, design, and sourcing of the ultra-light wood are carried out in Switzerland by Good Wood Hockey.

You can read about our developments and history on our blog.


The flex is 70/75 for adult models and 25/35 for children. The figures were determined based on a deflection test conducted at ETH Zurich (over a length of 1m).


Der Flex liegt bei Modellen für Erwachsene bei 70 / 75 und bei den Kinder bei 25 / 35. Die Kennzahlen wurden auf der Basis eines an der ETH Zürich durchgeführten Durchbiegungstest (über eine Länge von 1m) ermittelt.

Optimized Shaft

We have developed extra narrow shafts for children's hands. For adult models, we round off the edges significantly. Additionally, the core of the shaft is made from a single piece of wood (one piece core). Players can optionally choose a shaft with grip.