Holistic Sustainability: Crafting Eco-Friendly Hockey Sticks with a Comprehensive Approach

Renewable Resource: While modern composite sticks are made from fibers derived from non-renewable materials (graphite, carbon, Kevlar, Nomex), we focus on wood, a renewable resource. We minimize the use of non-renewable materials and constantly seek alternatives, aiming to replace non-renewable materials with biodegradable options wherever possible.

Wood from Sustainable European Agriculture: We primarily use ultra-light wood from plantations in the EU (Spain). Sustainable management on agricultural land provides environmental benefits and supports local farmers. For some models, we also use beech wood, sourced from the EU (Slovakia) in limited quantities.

Biodegradable Shaft: With some effort, our shafts are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. We strive to find alternatives for parts that are not yet biodegradable and work on ideas for scalable reuse of the materials used.

Local Materials: Furthermore, we ensure that as much as possible (ideally 100%) of the materials used are sourced locally (within CH/EU). This applies not only to the products but also to the packaging.

Handcrafted (Made) in the EU: All our sticks are handcrafted in the Czech Republic by a third-generation family-run business. The manufacturer heats the entire facility with self-produced biomass, pressing wood chips into pellets.

Packaging / Plastic-Free Approach: For stick shipments, we've developed a space-saving and sustainable packaging with a Swiss packaging specialist - it is also recyclable. We avoid plastic throughout the packaging and wrapping process in the entire distribution process.


Biobased and Biodegradable Product: We are dedicated to creating a product that is close to 100% biobased, sourced from renewable materials, and free from fossil-based components. Our focus extends beyond material sourcing, emphasizing the preference for completely biodegradable materials in the end product.

Carbon-Neutral Product: We estimate that the trees providing our ultra-light wood can yield over 500 hockey sticks. To offset our carbon footprint, we are developing a tree planting project, aiming not only to compensate for our emissions but also to surpass them, provided it is economically viable. We are committed to providing transparent updates on the progress of our tree plantations.