Custom Sticks

Custom Lengths

Extended Length (Tall)

If our senior models with a length of 155 cm are too short for you, no problem. We can also produce models with a length of 170 cm for you.

Extra Short

Are your kids still smaller, and our models are too long? No problem, we can also create youth models with a length of 100 cm for your kids.

Your Name

Make your hockey stick unique with your name/number/logo. For an additional charge, we will laser your personal details onto your hockey stick.


If you prefer an ABS blade for street hockey or want a youth model with specific requirements such as a different blade pattern, we've got you covered. Please use our form to communicate your preferences, including the desired blade pattern. We'll promptly provide you with information on the production timeline and ensure your hockey stick meets your specifications.

For Teams/Clubs

Would you like to have uniform hockey sticks in the colors of your team/club? No problem, for orders of 10 pieces or more, we can customize our models in the dual colors of your team. Please use our form to provide us with your details, and we will inform you about the production timeline.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to fulfilling your specific requests. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


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